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Please book your game 7-10 days in advance. Please provide your game schedule and the game(s) you would like to be filmed. Also, provide your phone number and email so that we may contact you to make arrangements for filming.


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Grow Your Vision

The Athletic Formula is a 501c3 that helps parents and children, in Kindergarten through 6th grade, gain insight on the ever-changing world of sports and activities related to physical fitness   Our mission is to provide parents and youth with resourceful tools that help prepare them for a positive experience in activities fueled by Sports, Academics, and Faith. It is our goal to encourage families to keep youth sports fun and kid friendly, as well as expose children to opportunities that will enhance their academic career and strengthen their faith walk.  We want families to know that you can be successful on and off the field and enjoy a career in the activity you love with the right formula.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work.

Dedication. Expertise. Passion.

I have loved sports since birth. I was born NBA All-Star weekend. Ironic, isn't it? Some of my earliest memories as a sports fan were sitting on the floor cheering for my favorite team, the Dallas Mavericks during the 2011 season.           


For almost 7 years I have primarily played basketball, but I have tried other sports too. It is my goal through The Athletic Formula to teach parents that athleticism and competition goes beyond the game. Parents, please be mindful of your actions and attitude surrounding children's activities because that could impact the way they think about the game.

Jonathan, Co-Founder

As a kid playing basketball and running track was fun.  I enjoyed making friends, fellowship, and the competitive spirit of it all.  However, youth sports has changed, more and more children are starting their athletic careers sooner making the competition fierce while resulting in more misconduct among adults and children.  While competition and negative behavior is on the rise, sports does have a way of bringing everybody together for good.  Which is why it is understandable that almost every kid who plays sports dreams of becoming the "next," but what happens if you've been hoping and praying and that dream doesn't come true?  What's next? 

As a youth coach, wife of a youth coach, and sports mom it is my desire to see opportunities for children pursuit their dreams in sports.

I want to them  become scholar athletes, and grow spiritually with wisdom and knowledge.  I believe a formula, of education, physical performance, and faith will help them succeed not just in sports, but in life. 

-DeAnn, Co-Founder 

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