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“Your greatest contribution to the Kingdom of God may not be something you do, but someone you raise.”  Andy Stanley

Parenting is not always easy.  The schedules, the adjustments, the worry, the doubt, the fear, and the myriad of emotions we experience, can often get the best of us.  Just as I was getting a grasp on adulthood, my mother passed away, I was 23 years old.  My ability to  find strength at one of my weakest moments in life, was even a shock to me, but my relationship with Christ became one of dependence.  I discovered then that the greatest gift my mother gave me, the knowledge of Christ would become my greatest strength.  Over the years I have added wife and mother to my title, which have both put things in perspective, life has never been perfect, but I can always rely on God.

Parenting with God is co-parenting at its BEST! Especially when you allow Him to take the lead.  While my husband and I take on the task of diligently rearing  two very young servant leaders, we also seek wisdom from God to help steer and guide our now adult daughter and maintain this blended family.

Rearing Royalty was created to inspire parents to make Godly choices for our children.  In the world we may find many challenges, but in the Lord, we can find joy, strength, and peace.  We want Rearing Royalty to be a source of inspiration, to help build our parenting skills and align them with the Word of Christ.  We want you to find yourself refreshed and renewed, knowing that only God has the power to activate and reactivate us time and time again.  This type of Spiritual restoration reminds us Who is in charge and allows our children to receive the very best God has to offer through us.


We may be fallible, but our choice to serve an infallible God will be our family’s greatest legacy...
W.D. Lax

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